St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Valentine's Dance

St. Mary's Valentine Dance has become an annual parish event, held on a Saturday close to Valentine's Day, which is February 14.  Due to the storm damage the school received on July 25, 2018, we sadly will not be able to host our annual Valentine's Dance schedule for February 16, 2019. We hope that you will understand and plan to attend future events once our gym is repaired!

The Valentine's Dance is a fundraiser for the parish, but also a social event for the community.  The evening begins with a dinner, followed by the dance. The band that has performed since the first dance has been "Jimmy Dee and the Fabulous Destinations." 

The band was formed in Victoria, Kansas in 1975, featuring major hits from the 1950s and early 1960s. They quickly became one of the most popular groups to ever perform in western Kansas.  

In early 1980s, the band went their separate ways.
In 2000 six members of the original band reformed and played a selected number of dates during the year as a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group.  Because of the positive response the band received, the band decided to continue to play a limited number of dates each year.  The parish was been pleased that band has chosen our event in which to perform.

Although it requires a lot of work to organize the event, it does bring in a number of people, not only within our parish, but also from surrounding communities as far as Colby and Sharon Springs.  It is an evening of fun for those who enjoy dancing. 

Please consider joining the planning committee for the next event. If you are a good organizer and planner, consider using your talent to help in chairing the event.