St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

CCD Program

CCD is our religious education program for the children of our parish not attending St. Mary's Catholic School.  It stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.  At times CCD was referred to as "Catechism."  In many parishes today, their religious education program is either called PSR (Parish School of Religion) or PRE (Parish Religious Education) instead of CCD.

CCD Classes meet Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00 p.m.  Classes, generally, start the first Wednesday after  Labor Day and end the last Wednesday in April.  We follow the school schedule in regards to days off.  If school is not in session on a Wednesday, there will no CCD class on that Wednesday.

CCD History

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine is an association founded in Rome in 1562 for the purpose of giving religious instruction to the young.  The association was formed in response to challenges posed by the Protestant Reformation.  The Council of Trent, the ecumenical council convened as the Counter-Reformation to the Protestant Reformation, stated that church reform must begin with the religious education of the young.

In 1560 a group of priest and laymen joined together and pledged to instruct both children and adults in Christian doctrine.  In 1562 the association divided into two sections: the priests formed themselves into a religious congregation, the Fathers of Christian Doctrine, while the laymen remained in the world as "The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine." In 1571 Pope Pius V recommended that it be establish in every parish.  Over time it began to spread throughout dioceses in the world. The classes taught in the CCD program not only educate children about Jesus and the Catholic faith but, also, prepare children to receive the sacraments of Penance (confession), the Eucharist (Holy Communion), and Confirmation.