St. Mary's Catholic School
St. Mary's Catholic School

Pre-School Mission Statement

Every child will gain a love for learning as each acquires academic and social skills in preparation for kindergarten.


To inspire enthusiasm and confidence, St. Mary’s Preschool will provide meaningful interactive lessons filled with singing, movement, and exploration to meet the early childhood needs of fun and play as well as pique their curiosity to know more, and at the same time instill the etiquette of school life as a fundamental foundation for all future learning. All subject areas (language, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and health intertwined with the teachings of the Church) will build upon and expand students’ individual knowledge of the world.

St. Valentine's Celebration Day

A special invitation was mailed to each child's home requesting them to dress up for a party to commemorate St. Valentine.

The day of the party began with a lesson about St. Valentine.  Students learned that Valentine was a priest who lived during a time in which it was against the law to believe in Jesus.  He held Mass in secret places to avoid being put in jail.  Then, According to lore, it is said that Valentine especially loved the children just as Jesus did - "Let the children come to me" and often gave them sweet bits of food and the children in turn wrote him notes of thanks and love.  Thus, the reason we eat sweets, exchange valentines and celebrate this special day.

The parent committee supplied wrist corsages and boutonnieres, a cake decorated with hearts, bottled juice, a picture frame craft and helping hands.  The committee's photos depict the wonderful time the class spent celebrating St. Valentine's Day.




Catholic School's Week

Students used water colors to paint pictures of Jesus: "Let the children come to me." and they presented these to Fr. Dana for his vocation for Catholic Schools Week.


Mrs. Hamel, head cook, helps the students make their own personal pan pizza to help the preschool celebrate Catholic Schools Week.


Heart Activities

As part of our "Kids Heart Challenge", Deb Eller, school nurse, showed pictures of the heart and had the pre-K students listen to their heart beat and other students' heartbeat.

Racing with straws

The students are racing with their cotton balls by blowing through a straw.


Instruction Time

Pre-K involved in classroom instruction


Classroom Activities

Pre-K busy doing several projects.



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